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Welcome to Blindside Aussies and Miniature American Shepherds

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What We Strive For


Versatility is something that is very important to us here at Blindside. Whether it be in the show or performance rings, working sheep, or being an amazing family companion--we strive to produce dogs that are happy and capable of adapting to whatever life throws at them.



By functionality, we are not only talking about functional structure, but also about working ability. Can the dog do the job it was originally bred for? All of our dogs work stock on a regular basis, and some may even go on to trial in herding. Preserving the functional working instinct of the Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd is of high importance to us



Proper temperament is just as, if not more important than everything we talked about above. Producing dogs with stable, adaptable temperaments is of utmost importance to us. Breeding dogs who can take on the world, and then go home to the couch with their family and relax is our goal.

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